Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Garbage Bin

Posted on: 14 July 2015

The trash that your home generates is something that must be managed, and while garbage removal services are a convenient way of achieving this, the garbage bins can become extremely unpleasant. From strong odors to insects and animal problems, it is important to properly maintain the garbage bin to make sure that you minimize these problems. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to dramatically reduce the unpleasantness of your garbage bin. 

Keep Your Garbage Bin In The Shade

It is a common mistake for homeowners to simply place their garbage bins in the hot sun by the side of the road. The energy from the sun can cause the garbage bin to reach incredibly high temperatures, and this can help to expedite the decay process. Due to this heat, the odor from the garbage bin will become very strong. 

You can help minimize this problem by making it a point to place the garbage bin in a shaded area. The shade will help to reduce the convective heating from the sun's rays, which can help keep the garbage bin cool. These lower temperatures will help to reduce the odors coming from the garbage bin. For those that lack a shaded area outside for their garbage bins, it may be possible to coat the outside of the garbage bin with a reflective coating. This coating will help the garbage bin reflect much of the sun's heat, but it may not be as effective as placing the container in a shaded area. 

Clean Your Garbage Bin Every Week

After your garbage bin has been emptied, you should always clean it before you start to put more garbage in it. Unfortunately, some people assume that cleaning these bins has to be unpleasant because they assume they will need to repeatedly fill and empty the dumpster. Fortunately, you can avoid this hassle by simply drilling two holes in the bottom of the garbage bin. 

These holes will allow you to use a garden hose to clean out the interior of the bin without having to touch it any more than is absolutely necessary. When you have added the holes to the garbage bin, you will only need to pour a small amount of cleaning solution along the walls of the bin before spraying it down with the hose. 

Maintaining your garbage bin may be a task that you have seldom thought about doing. Yet, it is critical for minimizing the smells and pests that will be around your garbage bin. By understanding the benefits of placing your bin in the shade and cleaning it out after every time it is emptied, you will be much better informed when it comes to avoiding common issues with garbage bins.