How To Properly Demolish And Remove A Home From A Property

Posted on: 24 August 2015

When it is time to demolish an old home, it is important to dispose of the materials the right way. Doing so can help avoid environmental damage and health hazards for the community. The following guide walks you through a few tips and tricks for disposing of materials when demolishing a home.

Remove Recyclable Materials First

Certain items within a home can be recycled and used again. Fixtures, lighting, sinks, toilets, and even windows can often be taken out of a home and used in another home or recycled to create something brand new. Take the time to remove the items from the home before you start the demolition process so that they are not damaged.

Remove Hazardous Materials

Light switches and thermostats need to be removed from the home and placed in a hazardous waste disposal bin because they contain mercury and cannot be placed in the landfill. Other items, such as roof vent flashing and lead pipes found in older homes, cannot be thrown into the landfill because they may contain lead that could seep into the ground and cause a lot of problems.

Carefully Demolish the Home

Next, the home should be demolished carefully. You want to be sure that the foundation is not cracked or chipped during the demolition process so that the foundation can be kept intact for future construction. Be sure that all walls are knocked down and broken down to sizes that are easy to move.

Remove the Materials

What is left once all recyclable and hazardous materials are removed are materials that can be disposed of in the landfill. Rent a large dumpster to use to remove as much of the waste at one time as possible. You want to be sure that the dumpster rental company makes as few trips as possible to cut down on the total cost of the removal. You might also consider contacting a hauling company like Duffield Hauling INC.

It doesn't take long to completely demolish and remove a home from a property. You need to be sure that you do it the right way, though, to ensure that you do not violate any laws or put yourself or anyone else in danger. If you have any questions about the demolition or removal of materials from your home, you can hire a contractor to assist you or talk to an adviser from your local Environmental Protection Agency.