3 Ways That A Basement Cleaning Service Can Make Your Home Healthier

Posted on: 2 June 2016

One of the most cluttered and messy areas in most houses is the basement, mostly because people seem to use their basements as storage for anything that they have no further use for but do not want to throw away. However, allowing your basement to get overly cluttered can actually cause a number of different health and safety issues for your family. Listed below are just three ways that a cleaning service can turn your home and basement into a healthier environment.

Reduce Mold Risks

Mold is one of the worst things that you can discover in your home due to how difficult it can be to remove and the many health issues it can actually cause. For example, mold can lead to individuals in the home becoming ill more frequently, respiratory problems, and a range of allergic reactions.

When you allow clutter to build up in your basement, you are basically creating an environment that can allow mold to thrive. This is because mold tends to develop in dark places. In addition, if your basement tends to be a bit humid or moist, the clutter can trap that moisture and allow the mold to develop and spread more quickly.

Eliminate Fire Hazards

Another risk that a basement cleaning service can help you avoid is a fire hazard. When you have a lot of items clustered in one area, such as old toys, clothing, linens, and furniture in your basement, a small fire could easily use those items as fuel to quickly spread to the rest of your house.

This risk is especially hazardous in the basement as that is typically where many furnaces are located. If flammable clutter is located too close to a furnace or the furnace is particularly dirty, there is a chance that it could ignite the clutter and do a lot of damage before the fire is dealt with.

Lower The Chances Of An Infestation

Finally, removing your clutter with a basement cleaning service is a fantastic way to lower the chances of having pests infest your home. Spiders, insects, and rodents tend to love dark and enclosed spaces when they are nesting, which is why a cluttered basement can harbor a large number of these pests. 

These pests can cause a number of different problems for your home. For example, many people are allergic to insect and spider bites while rodents are known for causing a lot of damage to a home in addition to carrying a number of diseases.

Contact a basement cleaning service, such as Joey's Junk, in order to discuss the many ways in which they can help you make your home much healthier to live in for you and your family. Cleaning out your basement can make a mold or rodent problem less likely while also reducing the risk of a fire using the clutter as fuel.