More Than Clutter: 6 Tips for Cleaning a Hoarder's House

Posted on: 20 January 2017

One of the key reasons residents choose to hire a dumpster is to clean out a house that has become overrun with items. When you are working in a hoarder's house, you may have quite a lot on your plate. After you have dedicated yourself to junk removal by hiring a dumpster rental, you may still be looking for help with cleaning up the home. 

1. You will need plenty of supplies.

In addition to renting a dumpster, you will need heavy-duty trash bags and empty boxes. You may also want to wear dust masks, leather gloves, and rubber gloves. You also need cleaning supplies and labeling supplies.

2. Working in piles is often helpful if the hoarder is present.

If the hoarder is involved in the cleaning process, dividing items into piles can be cathartic and helpful. One pile can be for items to keep while another can be for items to donate. A third can be for recycling, and a fourth can be for things to go in the rented dumpster.

3. The bathroom is a smart choice for the first room to clear out.

This is because the bathroom is probably going to be necessary throughout the day, especially if you are not planning to rent portable bathrooms. Plus, this is a smaller room that you can manage much more quickly, and that can make you feel good about the quick progress.

4. The kitchen is a great second room to clean.

Again, you may need to sort items from the kitchen if doing so is hygienic. One of the best ways to start is to throw out all perishable items or items that have been opened in the cupboards and refrigerator.

5. You really need a dumpster to clear out an entire house.

Different sizes of dumpsters are available to help you clear out the house, but you are less likely to get the house clean if you have to make several trips to the dump. A dumpster from a company like USA Hauling Service can provide you with motivation as you seek to fill it as quickly as possible.

6. Consider arranging for donation pickup.

Discuss your situation with a local charity shop that accepts donations. You may be able to have donations picked up from the house if you have large items. This can motivate you to clean more quickly.

Finally, don't forget to take many breaks. Cleaning an entire house can be rough, and you will need to rest. Plus, this gives you a great opportunity to feel pride in the task you have taken on.