Three Factors That Can Help You Pick A Junk Removal Service

Posted on: 7 August 2020

Picking a quality company to handle the removal of junk from your property can involve more than just who offers the best price. Every project is unique, so to make sure you get the best possible service and deal, it's important to consider the length and scope of your project, and also to do a little extra research to get the best and most accurate cost estimate.

Length of Your Project

Junk removal services can be useful if you have trash waiting to be removed all in one go, but they can also be helpful over longer periods of time. If you're planning on spending a weekend deep cleaning your yard or garage, this can affect what service you need and who can get you the best deal on it.

The length of your project can mean the difference between hiring a large vehicle with several professionals to remove junk for you and a rented dumpster that you fill yourself. If you're working on something yourself over a period of time and need junk carried away at the end, something like a dumpster that gets delivered and then picked up later might be your best option. On the other hand, if all you need is junk picked up and taken away right away, your best bet might be hiring professionals to bring over a large vehicle to load it and take it away all at once.

Scope of Your Project

Depending on how big or small your project is, this may limit what services are available to you. Having an idea about the scope of your project can help you narrow down options before you get too far.

The biggest reason this is important is because the service you hire needs to have the equipment necessary for your particular needs. If a company doesn't have very large vehicles at its disposal, for example, they may not be the best equipped to take on something like removing a large fallen tree, several pieces of furniture, or many materials in bulk.

It's also important to note what restrictions junk removal companies may have. Most may refuse to take hazardous materials or chemicals, but individual companies may have more stringent limitations, as some junk like old oil or gasoline, is either expensive or dangerous to dispose of. When looking for the right junk removal company to handle your needs, make sure you know exactly what you need so you can double check any limitations ahead of time.

Your Budget

Getting an exact estimate for something like junk removal can be a challenge, as the total cost will end up relying on many different factors, such as how accessible this junk is, how much work is needed to actually remove it, how much it weighs, whether any of it could be considered dangerous, and more. Your location can also be a factor, especially if it means whoever you eventually hire may have to drive farther to reach you.

However, there are two ways you can get at least an idea as to what you might be working with. First, ask about the average costs for working with similar projects. For example, if you're working at cleaning out your garage and suspect you might need one container or vehicle of a certain size or capacity, ask what customers have typically paid for similar services.

Second, ask for an in-person consultation. This can help especially if you're at the stage where your junk is already piled and ready to go, at which point a rough volume and weight estimate can be figured out, as well as its accessibility and the distance they will have to travel. This still may not give you something exact, but it can put you much closer. If you want to see how these estimates can vary, or if you want to see who might offer a better deal, request multiple consultations.