4 Tips For Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

Posted on: 24 August 2022

The average American household produces about 6,570 pounds of trash every year. That's a lot of waste! If you're handling a home cleanup or renovation project, you can expect a lot of waste to be produced. For this reason, you need a roll-off dumpster rental to help with waste disposal. Here are four tips to follow when renting a roll-off dumpster. 

Rent the Dumpster Early

It's advisable to schedule the roll-off dumpster rental at least a week or two in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments. If you call the day before you need the dumpster, the options available may be limited. Hence, plan ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Determine the Correct Dumpster Size 

Roll-off dumpster rentals come in various sizes, ranging from a volume of 10 to 40 yards. The correct size will depend on how much waste you have. For smaller projects, such as home cleanup, a 10-yard dumpster may be enough, while for larger projects, such as a home construction or renovation, you may need a 30- or 40-yard dumpster. 

Choosing the wrong-sized dumpster can be a huge mistake. For example, if you choose one that's too small, it may not accommodate all your waste. And, if you choose one that's too large, you could end up paying more for what you don't need. 

If you can't determine the right dumpster size, ask the representatives at your dumpster rental company to advise you on what size may be appropriate, depending on the scope of your project. 

Determine Where the Container Will Be Placed

A large-sized dumpster will require you to set aside some space for it on your property. This may involve removing vehicles, toys, or other items from the driveway. If you don't have any driveway, or yours is too small to accommodate the roll-off dumpster rental, you may have to clear another area on your property where the container will be dropped off. Your chosen area should be easily accessible to you and your workers during a home renovation project.

Understand What You Can't Dispose Of

Different dumpster rental companies have different regulations over what you can and can't dispose of in their containers. In general, some prohibited items include car batteries, tires, oils, and paint. Some companies also restrict the mixing of certain materials, like concrete with construction waste. 

Before hiring a dumpster rental company, review their policy document to understand their requirements. If some of your items aren't allowed in the container, they may even advise you on proper disposal measures. 

Contact a local dumpster rental service to learn more.