Need To Find A Dumpster To Rent? Do Your Due Dilligence And Look At These Things First

Posted on: 16 February 2023

If you need to rent a dumpster for a project going on at your home, you don't just want to go with the lowest price. You want to find a company that will be easy to work with and offers hassle-free drop-off and pickup. Here are a few of the things that you want to do so you can work with a reliable company, dump your items responsibly, and get rid of everything efficiently.

Read the Contract

Read the contract carefully in advance so you don't have any unexpected expenses when the company picks up the unit. Be sure you know:

  • How long you have had the unit
  • What the late pickup fee will cost you if you need to extend your time
  • Acceptable forms of payment
  • What is prohibited from going into the dumpster
  • Risks you're responsible for

You don't want to accidentally put in items that aren't allowed and end up with a fee from the dumpster rental company.

Calculate Your Size Needs

There are different ways to calculate what size of dumpster you'll need. This will include how many large items you have, what types of things are going into the dumpster, and if the items can go above the dumpster line or not. Talk with the rental company and explain what is going in to get suggestions, dumpster size information, and to make the best calculation.

Verify the Company

Take a little time to verify the rental company. Contact the Better Business Bureau, check out the social media pages, and get some references if possible. This way, you will feel more comfortable signing the agreement and completing the financial transaction.

Consider Liability

Having a dumpster on your property can draw attention. People may come to your home and go through the dumpster to see if they can find scrap metal, goods that are still usable, and other materials or items. If they get hurt and the dumpster is on your property, you could possibly be liable. Talk with your homeowner's insurance team and let them know you have the dumpster and for how long.

Be sure to also check your city, township, or HOAs rules about dumpsters before you rent. You don't want to be blindsided if you get a fine that says you have had the unit on your property for too long. If you need a dumpster, compare rates and look into these different things today.